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All professional applications to the IMCSA begin with the payment of an application fee.

The MEMBERSHIP application form is downloaded, completed and sent off to the registrar at

The registrar determines the appropriate level for the applicant and the applicant is notified accordingly.

The applicant is required to pay the stipulated membership fee for the year of application.

Once the application has been approved, the member receives an electronic certificate which is valid for the year of issue.

Once an applicant has been awarded full membership and has accumulated the required experience in hours or years, the applicant may proceed to apply for certification.

The applicant must pay the certification application fee to cover the cost of the review, prior to the assessment interview.

The applicant must comply with every requirement of the application prior to proceeding with an assessment interview. The designated assessors will ensure compliance by means of a bench review of the application. If necessary, they will request further clarification in writing before allowing the candidate to proceed to the assessment interview. The assessors may reject the application due to incompleteness or due to the candidate failing to meet the application criteria.

If the application is accepted, the candidate is required to pay the full assessment fee prior to proceeding to the assessment interview.

Once the bench review is complete to the satisfaction of the assessors, the candidate will proceed to an interview by two assessors. Upon successful completion of the assessment, the candidate will be notified accordingly and a certificate will be issued for the year of the assessment. All certificates remain valid for the calendar year of issue and must be renewed annually to ensure that the professional remains in good standing with the IMCSA.