About The Institute of Management Consultants


The Institute is the professional body representing management consultants, business, executives and leadership coaches. It sets and maintains standards for these professions in South Africa. It seeks to make the professions recognised, respected and accepted as providing a valuable and indispensable service to organisations in South Africa and the Southern African Region.

The IMCSA thus:

  • Draws from and services all facets of our society.
  • Encourages the achievement of standards required by the profession through its accreditation process.
  • Promotes and maintains contact with complimentary local, regional, national and international bodies.


The Institute was inaugurated on 28 April 1972 to: Act as the certifying body for the Management Consulting and Coaching Professions and to represent and enhance these Professions in South Africa to clients, authorities and the community at large.

Institute activities

To achieve its mission, the Institute undertakes the following activities:

  • The maintenance of the code of professional conduct and the required disciplinary procedures.
  • Setting of standards for acceptance to the Institute in order to promote public confidence in its members, qualifications and abilities.
  • The certification of successful applicants.
  • The accreditation and facilitation of education programmes for members and potential members.
  • The maintenance of a member’s handbook and register of skills.
  • Promotional and public relations activities.
  • The distribution of a journal, brochures, articles and informative material.
  • The arrangement of social functions, including the achiever of the year award.


Management Consulting is the provision of independent advice and assistance about the process of management to clients with management responsibilities.

A Management Consultant is an individual who provides independent advice and assistance about the process of management to clients with management responsibilities.

A Professional Management Consultant is a management consultant who views management consulting as a profession, who strives for self-improvement in the processes of both management and management consulting, and who subscribes to the code of ethics of a professional body of management consulting.

A Certified Management Consultant is a professional management consultant who meets relevant requirements of character, qualifications, experience, competence and independence established by the professional body issuing certification.

Business and Executive Coaching is a high impact activity for individuals, groups and organisations in the developments of skills, knowledge and expertise, giving support and encouragement, providing guidance, facilitating personal development, enhancing professional and career development and improving performance.

A Business and Executive Coach is an individual who provides guidance, facilitating personal development, enhancing professional and career development and improving performance of individuals, groups and organisations.

A Certified Master Coach is a professional coach who meets relevant requirements of character, qualifications, experience, competence and independence established by the professional body issuing certification.

Values and assets

The Institute will maintain certain values, which are regarded as important to the Mission. The individual members will always be the backbone of the Institute. The larger professional firms will continue to play a major role in the development of the profession. The Institute shall always protect its professional and ethical image, which it regards as essential to obtain a client’s trust.

The Institute has certain strengths, which are used to promote the concepts of consulting and coaching and to represent the profession. The “tangible” assets are the standards and processes, which clearly indicate its belief in professionalism and ethics.

The “intangible” assets incorporate a history of over 50 years during which the Institute has been well accepted by professionals, including most of the major firms, and by public institutions. The major firms have always supported the National Council; in so doing they have helped overcome a key weakness of the Institute: the lack of available time of individual professionals to work on Institute projects without reward.

There is much support for the concepts of consulting and coaching as remedies for the skills shortage in the Southern African region. The IMCSA is committed to expanding its role as agent of change in the society. The IMCSA believes that individual Members and the firms that are registered with the Institute can play their part in working towards these objectives.

The professional is a key resource in a developing nation. The new political society with its need for changing attitudes and new industrial, information and service-based society requires professional management skills. Consultants and coaches in leadership, management, productivity, education and technology can be a factor in creating prosperity for the rapidly growing population and, hence, bring stability in society.

During this period of change, the Institute is striving to attract membership applications from all sectors of the population, without sacrificing the demanding standards, which ensure international accreditation. The management consulting and business and executive coaching professions are experiencing a period of strong growth and there has been an increase in applications from smaller, specialised firms as the demand for these services increases. As markets become increasingly global, it is necessary to ensure that all IMCSA members comply with “world class” requirements and are equipped to compete in global markets.

Benefits of membership

The full benefit of membership can best be achieved through active participation in Chapter and National Activities. Some of the many benefits of membership and participation to consider are:

  • Recognition – Members are graded according to skills and experience and are required to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct. Private and public sectors clients recognise members as respectable reliable sources of advice.
  • Networking – Activities of the Institute facilitate networking with fellow professionals. Members may meet to exchange ideas and look towards cooperative opportunities.
  • Chapter activities – Being an active part of Chapter activities provides many benefits including social days, practice development, special speakers, and locally produced seminars.
  • Member register – A members’ register is produced annually. The register will be available to confirm that a member is indeed registered with the institute.
  • Free access to Thought-Leader – The magazine is an international, peer-reviewed publication focused on the professionals and the buying public for their services. Members gain access this online magazine as part of their membership subscription. New trends are just some of the issues discussed within the journal.
  • Newsletters – Newsletters are produced throughout the year and distributed by e-mail. These discuss relevant management consulting and coaching issues and information, and are a regular update forum for Institute members.
  • Other communications – The IMCSA generates other communications throughout the year which are distributed online via the IMCSA Facebook page and LinkedIn groups.
  • Professional Development – Members can attend accredited professional development programmes.
  • Industry mouthpiece – the IMCSA speaks on behalf of the professions it represents on subjects such as standards, education, ethics and other topical matters.
  • International reciprocity – certified management consultants enjoy reciprocity with some fifty-member nations as described under “international links” and Certified Master Coaches are recognised by all GlobalCMC members institutes.

International links

This Institute of Management Consultants and Master Coaches of South Africa is a founding member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and is a contributing member. It is also a member of the global standards setting body GlobalCMC.

Certified membership of the South African Institute allows reciprocity by benefits with each member country without the need for further assessments or examination, offering distinct benefits to those members who travel in their job. This is particularly relevant for those who wish to practice in countries where the management consulting and coaching industries are regulated, such as North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

The IMCSA maintains these links, attends annual congresses and participates actively on special task groups.

Becoming a member

Please click here for consulting membership and here for coaching membership