General Documents



  • Global CMC Details Form – Form for CMCs in good standing who need to be added to the databse.
  • CMC Certification Pack– This pack contains all the information required for members to apply for CMC certification
  • Membership Application– This is the application to join the IMCSA as a coach
  • MC Certification Pack – This pack contains the information and forms required to produce a comprehensive portfolio of evidence in order to become a Certified Master Coach(after membership has been attained)
  • CPD pack – This is the pack containing the forms and process relating to CPD for all levels of coaches
  • ATP Application form to become an accredited coach training practice
  • ACC application form to register specific coach training courses, once a training practice has been accredited


  • CPD Pack – The IMCSA CPD pack for all CMC to prepare their CPD and maintain their CMC status