Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get my CMC membership reinstated?

Answer: We require proof of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from our members due to the rules imposed on us by the ICMCI. We need you to provide this information along with the payment of the current reinstatement fee and annual CMC membership fee which are available of the fees page.

Q2. How do I advertise through IMCSA?

Answer: Take a look at the fees page for advertising costs. Once you have decided on the advertising method (website banner/mailshot) that is suitable for you, you can send an email to or call (011) 789 9996.

Q3. How can I become a training provider?

Answer: You need to pay and assessment fee, submit your credentials and an outline of your course materials. You can also provide any other accreditations that you have with academic, training or professional bodies as further evidence. Once your material and organization is approved, you need to pay an annual Accredited Training Provider fee, which is also related to the number of courses you wish to provide under IMCSA accreditation. IMCSA members and member firms get a discount on the published fees.

Q4. Does IMCSA have a publication?

Answer: IMCSA, in partnership with supplies a free subscription to IMCSA members as a benefit of their membership. Thought-Leader is an electronic business magazine with a database of regularly uploaded articles from an inventory built up over 25 years. The database of articles includes peer-reviewed articles written by internationally renowned authors and local providers. As an IMCSA member, you are encouraged to submit topical articles for peer review. You will also have the ability to post items and links on our various forums, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Plaxo.

Q5. What type of events does the IMCSA host?

Answer: Training, networking, and an Achiever event. Comment in LinkedIn

Q6. Does the IMCSA offer membership to South African consultants only?

Answer: No. The IMCSA offers membership to consultants in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa and SADC countries, which are encouraged to establish professional chapters in their countries under the banner and quality assurance of the IMCSA. Comment in LinkedIn

Q7. What are the benefits of being a member?


See the benefits page:…..

  • International reciprocity. This is relevant in 50 countries and is governed by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). See
  • Professional certification according to an internationally agreed standard.
  • Access to www.thought-leader premium articles for free.
  • CMCs are able to list their services under the business card section and on
  • Access to training courses at a members’ discount.
  • Ongoing developments in professional activities such as global standards, reciprocity, continuing professional development, the common body of knowledge.
  • You are entitled to attend the International Congress and meetings as an observer.
  • Access to experienced consulting coaches for a fee.
  • Discounts on software and services through
  • Access to member only discussion forums.

Q8. Can I advertise a job position?

Answer: Yes. Recruitment activities for the IMCSA are handled by Profweb. Click here to view the recruitment portal.

Q9. How does one upgrade their membership level?

Answer: Upgrading your membership level depends on the amount of management consulting experience you acquire once you have been accepted as a member. Specific Management Consulting education and training also play a role in qualifying one for a membership upgrade.

Q10. How can one access the full body of knowledge?

Answer: The Common Body of Knowledge is accessible for a fee (fee available in fees page). It is issued at confirmation of payment. A summary of the body of knowledge is available in the documents page and is free.

Q11. What steps can one take towards being a consultant?

Answer: There are multiple ways, all of them requiring practical experience. The pathway to full membership is an experiential route. Certification is an assessment of competence. It is unlikely that one can achieve CMC status without the required experience in both management and consulting.

Q12. Can I have a copy of the IMCSA database of members?

Answer: For confidentiality and spam reasons, the institute does not issue any list of members to the public. However, it does offer advertising services through a mass mailing system and on this website. CMCs that choose to be listed can be found under the business card section and on the website. CMCs that are not “in good standing” will not be listed.

Q13. What type of organisation is the IMCSA?

Answer: The IMCSA is a Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Association.

Q14. Do members receive certificates?

Answer: Yes. Members are supplied with an electronic copy of their IMCSA certificate. Members who wish to possess a hard copy of the certificate can have it printed on any colour printer.

Q15. How do I become a CMC?

Answer: This is a two-step process. To become a CMC you first need to be registered as a full member. You can then download the CMC certification pack which will guide you with regards to the requirements for the certification process.

Q16. Is the CMC status a once off certification?

Answer: No. CMCs need to maintain their status by providing proof of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Please take a look at the CPD Requirements page.

Q17. How do I confirm that a member is in good standing?

Answer: You can send an e-mail to or call us on (011) 789 9996. The secretariat will provide you with the required information.

Q18. If I’m a past member, what steps do I need to take to get my membership reinstated?

Answer: Download the IMCSA membership form and fill it in. This is for the process of updating your details on the member database. Also, provide your updated CV and copies of any qualifications and experience you acquired since the last time your membership was active. You will be charged a reinstatement fee and annual membership fee prior to the reinstatement of your membership.