IMCSA Banking Details:

  • Bank: First National Bank
  • Branch: Sandton
  • Branch Code: 254 605
  • Account Number: 58821210176

Please note: The following fees are all including VAT


Application and Upgrade Fees

Entrance / Application Fees – All levels
IMC Entrance/Application Fee (Non-refundable) – applicable to all first-time applications.
R 800.00
Member Re-instatement fee
R 1000.00
Membership Upgrade Fees to next level
Individual Membership Upgrade (Non-refundable once-off per upgrade)
R 600.00
Practice Application Fee
Practice Entrance / Application Fee
R 1780.00

Annual Membership Fees

Affiliate Member
IMCSA Affiliate Annual Membership Fee
R 840.00
Associate Member
IMCSA Associate Annual Membership Fee
R 1700.00
Certified Managment Consultant or Certified Master Coach Annual Membership Fee
R 2050.00
IMCSA Fellow Annual Membership Fee
R 2050.00
Full Member
IMCSA Member Annual Membership Fee
R 1860.00
Practice Membership 11+ Members
Practice Registration Fee (11 + Members)
R 38000.00
Practice Membership 2 to 5 Members
Practice Registration Fee (2 – 5 Members)
R 7200.00
Practice Membership 6 to 10 Members
R 9500.00
Retired Member
IMCSA retired member Annual fee
R 700.00
Small Practice Membership
Sole Practitioner Fee
R 4000.00

CMC Certification fees

CMC Application Fee
Once-off application fee (non-refundable). Only members may apply for Certified Management Consultant or Certified Master Coach status.                                                                                               NB: If you are not a member – you need to apply for membership first.
R 850.00
CMC Assessment Fee
Once-off fee(non-refundable) for Certified Management Consultant or Certified Master Coach assessment.
R 6650.00


Advertising Pricing
IMC Members20% Discount on all advertising 
Non IMC Members & Businesses Price per Job Listing R 735.00
  Price Per Opportunity Listing R 905.00
Banner Advertising Banner Advertising per month R 5 645.00
IMC Mailing List Mailshot to mailing list of 1000+ contacts R 1 130