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The IMCSA is the certifying body for the Management Consulting and Master Coaching professions in South Africa.

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Our IMCSA Website was completely redeveloped in January 2017. We have given all IMCSA members free access to www.thought-leader.co.za.

Thought-Leader has over 800 articles currently and membership is valued at R720.00 per year. We trust you will enjoy our new image, services and products. If you have any questions or comments please contact us on (011) 789 9996 or 087 803 3886.

You can also join our LinkedIn and Facebook groups, to interact with fellow management consultants and coaches.

New Announcements

  • Our announcements are moving to Facebook and LinkedIn

    With immediate effect all announcements will be made on the Facebook and LinkedIn pages and no longer be held on this site.

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  • IMCSA Membership & Past Member Records

    IMCSA Membership – We have made a policy decision that we will not keep the records of unpaid members for longer than 2 years and any reapplications will be treated as a new application. This means that you need to supply all your references, updated CV and list of consulting assignments from scratch. Therefore, please ...