The purpose of the Accredited Coaching Practice (ACP) program is to provide Companies with a recognized accreditation that will allow prospective clients seeking training in specific areas of Corporate Training and Development, access to the Certified Master Coaches (MC) network.

These practices are measured against a competency framework, and provides a level of assurance in those offering and delivering such training materials.


Organizations who are successful in being recognized as an Accredited Coaching Practice will be added to a  register of Accredited Coaching Practice’s maintained by the IMCSA and will be entitled to use the designation “Accredited Coaching Practice” in their promotional materials including the use of an IMCSA approved Accredited Coaching Practice logo.

Organizations may wish to develop unique partnering arrangements with the IMCSA to mutually develop education and training programs that promote the Master Coach

Standards for the Accredited Coaching Practice

The standards for the Accredited Coaching Practice are established by the Institute of Management Consultants & Master Coaches of South Africa (IMCSA) and implemented during the application process.

Accredited Coaching Practices will be required to sign and adhere to the Professional Code of Conduct.

The high standards that the Accredited Coaching Practice have to achieve and maintain is monitored by the IMCSA assessors on an ongoing basis.

The “Accredited Coaching Practice” application process is very stringent ensuring that our Master Coach certification program remains of the highest quality.

It is anticipated that the above standards will be developed and updated, on an ongoing basis, based on the experience of early implementation by IMCSA with other Accredited Coaching Training Practices.