Benefits of Certification

A Mark of Competency

Certified Management Consultant (CMC) is the mark of competency for the Management Consulting profession and is recognised internationally through the ICMCI (CMC-Global). The CMC designation is consistent with internationally accepted standards and indicates that a management consultant meets certain requirements of character, education, expertise, and experience. Members with a minimum of three years’ experience are eligible to become a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) by assessment.

These assessments are offered to full members of the Institute. To retain the CMC designation, members must perform 800 hours of management consulting annually, and 100 hours of professional development every three years. A CMC Practicing certificate is issued annually upon fulfilment of the stated requirements.

High Standards

By setting high entry standards and continuing demands for certification, the IMCSA protects and enhances the reputation of the profession as a whole. By requiring continuing professional development of its certified members, the IMCSA ensures that certified members are in a position to deliver the highest standard of service. The demand for certification status is above all other offerings of the IMCSA and members continuously rate certification as the single most important activity of the IMCSA. The standards for certification applied by the IMCSA comply with the international standards required by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).


An additional benefit of international certification is automatic reciprocity and recognition between all member institutes of the ICMCI.

Clients will be able to determine whether the consultant they are dealing with is certified, by contacting the IMCSA. National and international bodies, including governments, will be able to draw on the register of certified consultants. Clients will obviously not be obliged to use CMC’s but will be encouraged to do so.

Certification Eligibility and Process

The certification process is based on the following requirements:

  1. Support by other certified consultants or reputable clients in the form of testimonials
  2. Evidence of bona fide consulting assignments totaling not less than 3 years
  3. Evidence of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree
  4. Sufficient management experience or line support experience to indicate competence in management and its principles
  5. Signature of the code of ethics
  6. A completed assignment study on a chosen project, mapping your experience in each of the required competency quadrants to the assignment, highlighting that you have understanding and experience of these
  7. Undertaking an interview with qualified assessors to confirm the details of your application and to perform a summative assessment of you as a certified management consultant.

Once you have sent through all application documents, you are required to pay the certification application fee.

Your application undergoes a bench review by two qualified assessors, who determine whether your application meets all the requirements of certification. You will be required to pay the full certification fee, whereupon an assessment interview will be scheduled. You will present your assignment study and be asked questions about your portfolio. Subsequently, you will be informed of the outcome of the assessment interview. Should this be successful, you will be informed by the assessors.

You will then receive an electronic certificate and invoice as proof of payment and your membership status will be upgraded to CMC.

Please note that if you have less than 3 years of bona fide consulting experience, you will need to apply for associate membership until you qualify for full membership. Full membership requires evidence of 3 or more years of consulting experience as in the member application form.

Only once you have qualified for Full membership, you can begin the process of Certification, which requires full membership as the starting point and is a competency-based assessment, which requires a comprehensive portfolio of evidence before the certification assessment interview.

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The IMCSA Mission

Our Mission “To act as the certifying body for the Management Consulting and Master Coaching professions and to represent and enhance these professions in South Africa to clients, authorities and the community at large”

An institute is only as strong as its membership!