Institute of Management Consultants and Master Coaches South Africa

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General Conditions

The Institute is the professional body representing management consultants, business, executive and leadership coaches. It sets and maintains standards for these professions in South Africa. It seeks to make the professions recognised, respected and accepted as providing a valuable and indispensable service to organisations in South Africa and the Southern African Region.

The IMCSA thus:

  • Draws from and services all facets of our society.
  • Encourages the achievement of standards required by the profession through its accreditation process.
  • Promotes and maintains contact with complimentary local, regional, national and international bodies.

Membership of the Institute is available to:

  • Business Coaches whose principal activity is the practice of business, executive and leadership coaching whether they are self-employed or employees of a firm in public practice.
  • Internal Coaches whose employers are not engaged in the public practice of coaching for a fee.
  • Academics who coach or conduct bona fide research into the profession of coaching in business.

Professional Code of Ethics

All members agree to abide by the Institute’s Code of Ethics which is approved by the ICMCI.

Benefits of Membership

The full benefit of membership can best be achieved through active participation in Chapter and National Activities. Some of the many benefits of membership and participation to consider are:


Members are graded according to skills and experience and are required to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct. Private and public sector clients recognise members as respectable and reliable sources of professional advice.


Activities of the Institute facilitate networking with fellow professionals. Members may meet to exchange ideas and look towards cooperative opportunities. In addition, we have created an open LinkedIn group for members and non-members, one for CMCs only and one for council members. The last two are closed to applications only. To join a particular group, please click on the relevant link on our home page.

Client Referral Services

The Institute maintains a comprehensive database designed to offer a choice of consultants that can be selected by a variety of skills, industry experience and geographical location. This is a valuable tool that is regularly upgraded and offers well-targeted information for the discerning client.

Chapter Activities

Being an active part of Chapter activities provides many benefits including social days, practice development, special speakers, and focused seminars. The effectiveness of any chapter or special interest group depends on individual participation and commitment.

CMC Directories

Certified Master Coaches are entitled to submit their business cards for publication on the website and on annually. The directories listings are free.


Newsletters are produced regularly throughout the year. These discuss relevant management consulting issues and information and are a regular update forum for Institute members.

Mass Mailers

The IMCSA issues regular mailers informing recipients of opportunities, collaboration requests, international news, special offers, training programmes and more.

Continuing Professional Development

Members can attend accredited professional development programmes, in order to remain current with developing trends. Training programmes can be run in-house on demand or by schedule as indicated in our mass mailers as and when interest is sufficient to warrant a public programme.

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