Application for Consulting Membership

All professional applications to the IMCSA begin with the payment of the application processing fee and completion of the appropriate membership form. The Membership application form is completed, supporting documents attached and sent back to the registrar at

The registrar assesses the submitted application and supporting documents to determine the appropriate membership level the applicant qualifies for. The applicant is notified in writing of the outcome of the application. They are then invoiced accordingly.

Once payment is received the individual membership certificate is issued.

The applicant is required to pay the stipulated annual membership fee, for the year of application. Memberships are renewed annually in January.

Application for membership as a consultant is subject to the following criteria:

Full Membership:  If you are a Management Consultant with more than three years management consulting experience, you may apply for full membership.  You need to be either a graduate or have more than eight years management experience in lieu of a degree, the latter being evaluated according to the SAQA National Policy for the Implementation of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Associate Membership:  If you are suitably qualified (as per the preceding paragraph), but lack the three years management consulting experience (or cannot provide evidence to that effect), and want to provide Management Consulting Services, you may apply as an Associate Member.  When you are in a position to demonstrate that you have the equivalent of three years independent management consulting experience, you may apply to upgrade your membership to Full Member. 

Student Membership:  You are also welcome to join as a Student Member, if you are studying currently and do not qualify for Associate or Full memberships, but aspire to become a Management Consultant over time.

Affiliate Membership:  If you do not necessarily wish to become a Management Consultant, but have an interest in the profession, for example you provide a supporting function the profession or you lecture in the field of Business, Economics and Management, you may join as an Affiliate member. 

The consulting membership application process is described below:

  1. Download the application form and code of ethics here
  2. Fill in application pack noting each section in detail and submit with certified copies of important documents:
    a. Proof of payment of the application processing fee related to the level of membership you are applying for details of which can be found here.
    b. Your application must be signed by proposer, who knows you well enough to confirm your eligibility for membership.
    c. Ensure that you have filled in your employment and consulting record, including assignments – if none, state so as N/A.
    d. Copy of ID or passport.
    e. A recent photograph.
    f. Copy of SAQA approved degree certificate.
    g. Two client references on their letterhead and signed with name of client and role/position clearly stated. A reference letter guideline is attached here.
    h. Signed code of ethics, which you have already downloaded.
    i. A copy of your professional CV, which does not absolve you from filling in the full application form. “See CV” is not an acceptable answer to any question.
  3. Once your application has been received, it will be processed by the secretariat and your membership level will be confirmed as associate or member as described in the rules above.
  4. You will then be asked to pay the current year subscription fee as follows:
    a. Associate 
    b. Member

The IMCSA's Code of Ethics

All members agree to abide by the Institute’s Code of Ethics which is approved by the ICMCI.

Proceeding to certification

Once an applicant has been awarded full membership and has accumulated the required experience in hours or years, the applicant may proceed to apply for certification.